Whispers from the Depths blog tour

Hello, readers! Today I have a fantastic post for you on this stop of the Whispers From the Depths blog tour. Author CW Briar tells us a little about his upcoming release with Uncommon Universes. Joyful and blessed are Voice-bearers, for the Heavens have set them apart. Whisperers used to be revered. Their control over... Continue Reading →


Interview with Alicia Gaile

Fairy tale retellings are one of my favorite genres to read. I love reading the originals-the ones that will keep you up at night-and I enjoy the creative ways that authors spin familiar stories and turn them into something new. I'm entirely convinced that some of these authors are kin to Rumpeltstiltskin and could turn... Continue Reading →

The world of Kyure

Welcome to the next stop on the Rothana blog tour! Today Sarah is joining us to talk about the world she created for the Star-Fae Trilogy. The three qualities in a book that draw me in immediately are complex, sympathetic characters, entertaining plots, and fascinating worlds. When I read Halayda and Rothana, I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Stars and Soul Cover Reveal!

A scheming imperial family. A bedraggled starship captain. A runaway artificial intelligence. A dying general. Four small stories of stars and soul. On November 20, Rosalie Valentine will release her short story collection, Stars and Soul. I've participated in her Penprints short story contest over the past two years, and have recently started reading her... Continue Reading →

Two sides of loyalty: family in Faithless

A guest post by Janeen Ippolito Hello, everyone!  Janeen Ippolito, one of my favorite authors, is here today to talk about loyalty and family, two major themes in her new release, Faithless. Faithless is a steampunk adventure with airship battles, political intrigue, romance, dragons, and death unicorns.  Interested? Have a seat, pour some hot chocolate,... Continue Reading →

Magical, mysterious cats

I'm so excited to introduce the Fellowship of Fantasy's new anthology, Paws, Claws, and Magic Tales!Cats always seem to have some hidden, almost magical abilities, and the cats introduced in these tales are no exception. Today, J.L. Rowan talks about one particular story in the anthology, The Secret Treasons of the World, and the mystery... Continue Reading →

May I present…

  A dream-traveling boy haunted by a broken girl. A cursed warrior, weary of bloodshed. A princess who battles dragons in an enchanted slumber. A treacherous graveyard in the stars. From Bethany A. Jennings—author of Threadbare and Dragon Lyric—come twelve mesmerizing short works of poetry and prose that boldly pierce the shadows. Severed Veil contains... Continue Reading →

Interview with DG Lamb

Today I’m interviewing author DG Lamb about his Driven to the Hilt series. Two books have been published, and Book Three releases on November 1st.  DG, I’m in the middle of reading the first book and I love it. What’s the story behind The Deepest Cut?  While struggling up a hot Arizona mountainside under a... Continue Reading →

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